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Did you know that the first telescope to look at the stars was invented by Galileo Galilei? However, a year earlier in 1608, the very first telescope was actually discovered by accident. Hans Lippershey was a Dutch spectacle maker. One day his children were playing with some lenses. They made a simple telescope and showed it to their father. He used the device to view a distant weather vane that looked bigger and closer when viewed through the device!

For the keen birder or wildlife enthusiast you need to get closer for accurate identification. A quality telescope will get you much closer than any binocular. Most keen birders and wildlife enthusiasts use both.
How to choose your telescope...

What magnification should I choose?

Fixed or Zoom Eypiece?

Straight through or angled viewing?

Jargon buster....

How to get the best from your telescope....


To help you to make a shortlist before you visit your local supplier for a 'hands on' demo see our telescope review