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Church Farm

Church Farm

Hay and some live stock grazing are the main activities at Church Farm. Countryside Stewardship has been part of farm life for more than two decades.

Church Farm

Countryside Stewardship

A government scheme to conserve the wildlife and history of traditional farms, and to help people enjoy them. More ...

Barn Owl & Chicks

Farm Visits

You have seen the films and read the books, now come and meet some of the cast! Enjoy a group walk and talk in our own private nature reserve, the history and wildlife of a secret valley.


After dinner, group talks and university lectures. Whatever the event Andrew Cooper is an entertaining and increasingly sought after speaker.  He also hosts public events and donates his time freely to many charities. .

Rev. William Keble Martin

The author of the first illustrated flora of its kind. A remarkable Archpriest of Haccombe.