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Vine House Farm bird foods

We all enjoy contact with wild creatures and birds must be among the most fascinating to watch. The joy of seeing swallows return in spring and the resident robin following every turn of your spade in winter is incalculable.

But another thought is even more spell binding.

Over thousands of years the behaviour of these wild creatures has hardly changed, yet their surroundings have been transformed. Before people built houses and gardens, swallows nested in caves and robins

followed the diggings of wild boar!


The birdtable camera is one of our most popular features.

We get many requests for advice on attracting birds to your own gardens so I hope you

find the following pages useful and they add to your wildlife watching enjoyment.

Bird table

The key to a successful bird garden is a well designed, well sited feeding station.

Bird friendly plants Adding plants for winter food or a place to nest will attract more birds to your garden.
Lawn An open area of grass is good for birds and for watching their antics.
Water Most birds need a regular supply of water, not just for drinking but for bathing as well.
Not just birds Bats, bees and butterflies all add to the enjoyment of a wildlife garden.
Problems Reducing dangers will add to the success of your bird garden.
Bird ID Knowing what you are looking at is all part of the fun!
Nest boxes Now you are feeding the birds, how about a place for them to rear their young?

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