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Andrew Cooper's Guide to Wildlife Watching & Photography.

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Wildlife watching is good for you and that’s official!

The latest evidence reveals that viewing the natural world

is very therapeutic. Watching wildlife must be one of the easiest, most pleasurable pastimes possible – and you can do it anywhere. No matter where you live, wild plants and animals can be found not too far away.

Giving talks about wildlife is something I do on a regular basis. The audiences range from a few dozen folk in a village hall to conferences with over 1400 people! However, there is one complaint I always get and it usually goes something like this: “" How come you can go out into the countryside, see all this wonderful wildlife and get so close to wild creatures for your films, yet we cannot even get within a mile of a grey squirrel!"”

The answer is time and place. And being prepared.

Most people look at the view and miss the detail. Knowing the right time and the right place to go can give you a head start. Wearing the right clothes and carrying a good pair of binoculars can then open up an entire world which you might easily have overlooked.

What follows are some vital ingredients for success based on years of personal experience. I have included a guide to some of the best binoculars, telescopes, cameras, clothes and books available. The choice is often bewildering but hopefully the pages that follow will make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Happy wildlife watching!